Vulnerable Plaque Center

 TitlePublished DateAuthor(s)
Plaque Rupture and Intact Fibrous Cap Assessed by OCT Portend Different Outcomes in ACS PatientsMarch 04, 2015Giampaolo Niccoli
Ruptured Plaque Signals Worse Prognosis in ACS PatientsMarch 04, 2015Todd Neale
Infrared Technology to Detect Vulnerable Plaque The LRP StudiesDecember 15, 2014Ron Waksman
Catheter-Based Measurement of Plaque Lipid Predicts Future EventsDecember 08, 2014Kim Dalton
Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Predicts Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients With CADDecember 08, 2014R.W. Oemrawsingh
Rationale for BRS in Vulnerable PlaqueJuly 26, 2014Michael Joner
How Common in Humans Is Vulnerable Plaque? Frequency of Rapid Lesion ProgressionSeptember 21, 2009Wilensky, Robert
Patient Receives vProtect(TM) Luminal Shield in First-Ever Vulnerable Plaque Clinical TrialJune 30, 2008 
Use of a Bioengineered Stent in the Case of Simultaneous Two Plaque RuptureApril 16, 2007Shazia Hussain
How to Detect Vulnerable Plaque and Does it Really Matter?November 24, 2006Patrick Peeters
Angiography as a Widely Available Noninvasive Screening Modality for Vulnerable Plaque: Does Its Clinical Utility Extend Beyond Atherosclerosis Detection?October 26, 2006Thomas Brady
Emerging Insights Into Vulnerable Plaque Rupture and Thrombosis: Role of Metalloproteinases and Targets For TherapyOctober 26, 2006Andrew Newby
Endoluminal Phototherapy with Low-Power Red Laser Light for Vulnerable Plaque Passivation: Preliminary ResultsOctober 26, 2006Nicholas Kipshidze
Potential of PET Angiography and Other Radionuclide-based Imaging Techniques to Detect Subclinical Atherosclerosis and Vulnerable PlaqueOctober 26, 2006Jagat Narula
Intracoronary Photodynamic Therapy and the Atherosclerotic PlaqueOctober 21, 2005Ron Waksman
Pathogenesis of Vulnerable PlaqueOctober 20, 2005Aloke Finn
A Histologic Journey of Atherosclerosis Development and ProgressionOctober 18, 2005Renu Virmani
Pathobiologic Insights Into Myocardial Ischemia and InfarctionOctober 18, 2005A. Burke
Atherothrombosis: Predictions for the Next 10 YearsJune 16, 2005Valentin Fuster
Carotid Plaque MorphologyJune 09, 2005Thomas Ischinger
Innovations in Atherosclerosis ResearchApril 19, 2005Jean-Claude Tardif
Novel Inflammatory Targets for Vulnerable Plaque StablizationApril 19, 2005 
Statin Therapy for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Vulnerable PlaqueApril 19, 2005Roxana Mehran
Vulnerable Plaque: Animal ModelsApril 19, 2005Robert Schwartz
Advanced Plaque Characterization with NanoparticlesApril 14, 2005 
Intracoronary Hemodynamics and Arterial Wall Morphology to Predict Coronary Artery Disease ProgressionApril 14, 2005