TVT 2011

 TitlePublished DateAuthor(s)
A-Fib Ablation vs. LAA Occlusion: Competitors or Partners?June 07, 2011Vivek Reddy
Balloon ExpandableJune 07, 2011Martyn Thomas
Bioprosthetic Valve Failure: Valve-in-Valve 2: Medtronic CoreValveJune 07, 2011Jean-Claude Laborde
Bioprosthetic Valve Failure: Valve-in-Valve I: Edwards SapienJune 07, 2011Anson Cheung
Broad (Within Reason) Inclusion BUT Must Do an RCTJune 07, 2011Nicolo Piazza
ClaretJune 07, 2011Eberhard Grube
Clinical Experiences with Second Generation DevicesJune 07, 2011Horst Sievert
Conduction Abnormalities 1: Frequency, Clinical Importance, Predictors, and Procedural ConsiderationsJune 07, 2011Nicolo Piazza
Conduction Abnormalities 2: Varying Thresholds and Indications for a Permanent Pacemaker After TAVRJune 07, 2011Raoul Bonan
Coronary Obstruction Complicating TAVR ProceduresJune 07, 2011Samir Kapadia
EmbrellaJune 07, 2011John Webb
Expandable SheathsJune 07, 2011John Webb
Final Scorecard on the Protect AF Study: Misguided or Bullseye?June 07, 2011Gregg Stone
High Risk Should Remain the StandardJune 07, 2011Neil Moat
Imaging for Transseptal: Using All Cues: Fluoroscopy, ICE, or TEEJune 07, 2011Samir Kapadia
Imaging the Left Atrial Appendage: 2-D and 3-D TEE, CT, and Fluoroscopic AssessmentJune 07, 2011Samir Kapadia
Introduction(4)June 07, 2011David Wood
Large Hole Peripheral Access Closure TechnologiesJune 07, 2011Martin Leon
Low Flow, Low Gradient AS: An Important Clinical Target for TAVRJune 07, 2011Philippe Pibarot
Managing Aortic Anatomy (TA/LA Dilation)June 07, 2011Carlos Ruiz
New CT Imaging and Co-registration SystemsJune 07, 2011Nicolo Piazza
New Devices/Catheters for TransseptalJune 07, 2011Samir Kapadia
Paieon Imaging Algorithms for TAVJune 07, 2011Susheel Kodali
Pitfalls and Complications of Transseptal PunctureJune 07, 2011Peter Block
Results with the SHEF DeflectingJune 07, 2011Pieter Stella
Risk Scores in Atrial Fibrillation: Old and NewJune 07, 2011Peter Block
Self-ExpandingJune 07, 2011Gerhard Schuler
SHEFJune 07, 2011Pieter Stella
Status of the Embrella Deflector DeviceJune 07, 2011John Webb
Status Report of the Medtronic CoreValve US Pivotal Clinical TrialJune 07, 2011Jeffrey Popma