Chronic Total Occlusion Center

 TitlePublished DateAuthor(s)
CTO Devices 
IVC Filters-Implantation, Explanation & Management of ComplicationsOctober 11, 2011Williams
Patient Selection for Endovascular Intervention & Venous AccessOctober 11, 2011Goswami
EVEREST II Randomized Clinical Trial Update: Two Year Outcomes Degenerative vs Functional MRMay 27, 2010Ted Feldman
Randomized Comparison of Adenosin Intracoronary Infusion and Clopidogrel Pretreatment on Myonecrosis Occurence in Elective PCI (RACE TRIAL)May 27, 2010Gennaro Sardella
Complications of CTO Angioplasty: Prevention, Recognition, and ManagementSeptember 23, 2009Werner, Gerald
Guidewire Tip Entrapment and Forming Ribbon Uncoiling During an Attempt to Recanalize Chronic Total OcclusionSeptember 29, 2008Rajesh Sachdeva
Multiple/Parallel Wire Technique to Open up CTOSeptember 22, 2008ashwin mehta
Magnetically Steered Guidewire Approved for PADAugust 29, 2008Carson Benowitz-Fredericks
FDA Clears Stereotaxis Magnetic Radio Frequency Guidewire for Peripheral Chronic Total OcclusionsAugust 27, 2008 
Trans-Radial PCI of RCA CTO LesionAugust 25, 2008Dr. Abul Hasan Mohd. Waliul Islam
Side Branch Dilation To Opening a CTO of the LAD in a Patient with Severe LV DysfunctionJuly 28, 2008Jaskaran Dugal
Successful PCI of a Total Occlusion Improves Survival, but Only in LADJune 17, 2008Kiersten Feil
Total Occlusion Strategies: What's New?June 13, 2008Masahiko Ochiai
Guidewires for CTO RecanalizationJune 12, 2008Toyohashi Suzuki
PCI for Totally Occluded Site Consisting of Huge ThrombusApril 14, 2008Afzalur Rahman
Post-PCI Cell Therapy Improves Perfusion, Reduces Myocardium at RiskApril 14, 2008Caitlin Cox
Complex Lesions: Chronic Total OcclusionsApril 04, 2008Reginald Low
Iliac and SFA Intervention: Clinical Syndromes, Devices and Long-Term ResultsApril 03, 2008John Laird
PCI of The Single Remaining Coronary Artery in a Patient with Very Low Ejection Fraction and Subacute MIMarch 24, 2008veli gökhan cin
PCI Improves Myocardial Blood Flow, Contractility in CTO PatientsMarch 05, 2008Caitlin Cox
Elective PCI of distal left main bifurcation and totally occluded RCA in the setting of acute myocardial infarctionFebruary 24, 2008veli gökhan cin
American, Japanese Experts Compare CTO Success Rates, TechniquesFebruary 22, 2008Caitlin Cox
Are DES “Required” to Optimize CTO Angioplasty Results? Results from PRISON-II, ACROSS-Cypher, and Registry ExperiencesFebruary 22, 2008Martin Leon
Clinical Results and the Learning Curve Using the Bilateral Antegrade and Retrograde CTO Technique: Results from the CART RegistryFebruary 22, 2008Masashi Kimura
High-Frequency Mechanical Ultrasound with the Flowcardia Crosser: Results from FACTOR and Future ExpectationsFebruary 22, 2008Mark Reisman
New Guidewire Crossing “Sleeves” and Pharmacologic Dissolution Modalities (Collagenase)February 22, 2008Bradley Strauss
Novel Devices Expand CTO Therapy OptionsFebruary 22, 2008Caitlin Cox