TCT 2008 Interactive Program

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Advanced Surgical Techniques 
Concurrent Sessions 
Coronary Theater 
DES Summit 
Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Symposium 
Endovascular Theater 
HHS Town Hall Meeting 
Main Arena 
RCIS Review/Nurse and Technologist Symposium 
Recert/Board Review Course 
Scientific Symposia  
Special Evening Sessions 
Structural Heart Disease Auditorium 
DES in Unprotected Left Main Disease Safe at 4 YearsOctober 28, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Pooled Meta-Analysis Shows DES Safe, Effective vs. BMSOctober 28, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Answers Needed About Treatment of Peripheral Arterial DiseaseOctober 27, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Right-to-Left Shunt in PFO Patients Often Posture-DependentOctober 27, 2008TCT Daily Staf
OCT Detects Vulnerable Plaque Better than Other ModalitiesOctober 24, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Olmesartan Promising for Plaque Regression in Stable AnginaOctober 24, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Number of Off-label Indications Correlated With Risk of MACE After DESOctober 23, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Common Genetic Variation Linked to Risk of RestenosisOctober 22, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Trimetazidine Minimizes Risk of Periprocedural MIOctober 22, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Clopidogrel Resistance Linked to Increased Risk of Ischemic EventsOctober 21, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Triple-antiplatelet Therapy Demonstrates Superiority Over Dual TherapyOctober 21, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Drug-coated Balloon Angioplasty Provides Long-Term BenefitsOctober 20, 2008TCT Daily Staff
Everolimus-Eluting Stent Associated with Lower Complications at One YearOctober 20, 2008TCT Daily Staff
BBC ONE: In Bifurcation Stenting, Keep It SimpleOctober 16, 2008Kiersten Feil
ISAR-TEST 2: “Dual DES” Similar to Cypher, Surpasses EndeavorOctober 16, 2008Caitlin Cox
SORT-OUT III: Higher TLR with EndeavorOctober 16, 2008TCT Daily Staff
A Peek Behind the Guidelines CurtainOctober 15, 2008TCT Daily Staff