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Drug-Coated Balloons Best Suited for In-Stent Restenosis in BMS, not DESAugust 15, 2016Caitlin E. Cox
Use of Drug Eluting Stents in the SFA: What are the Current Data, Real World Applications, Upcoming TrialsJune 15, 2016Tyrone Collins
Event Rates in RCTs Evaluating Cardiovascular Interventions and DevicesJune 09, 2015KD. Mahmoud
Event Rates Often Overestimated in Cardiovascular TrialsJune 09, 2015Yael L. Maxwell
Long-term Safety of DES and BMSJune 09, 2015T. Palmerini
Meta-analysis Confirms Late Safety of Second-Generation DESJune 09, 2015L.A. McKeown
Stenting Provides Better Early Outcomes vs Angioplasty Alone for PADJune 05, 2015Todd Neale
New Data Evaluating The Boston Scientific Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent System Demonstrate 94.4 Percent Primary Patency Rate At Nine MonthsApril 28, 2015 
STENTYS' Next-Generation of Self-Apposing Stent System Receives CE Marking Ahead of PlanApril 28, 2015 
Biolimus Stent Performs Well in Long LesionsSeptember 28, 2009TCT Daily Staff
HORIZONS-AMI Substudies: Bivalirudin Benefits Vary Among Patient SubgroupsSeptember 28, 2009TCT Daily Staff
Two-Year Incidence of Stroke Low in SYNTAXSeptember 24, 2009TCT Daily Staff
Xience V Bests Taxus in SPIRIT IV, COMPARE TrialsSeptember 24, 2009TCT Daily Staff
ZEST Substudy: In-Segment Restenosis Rate Comparable for Taxus and EndeavorSeptember 24, 2009TCT Daily Staff
PROBI VIRI: Prolonged Bivalirudin Reduced Myocardial InjuryOctober 15, 2008tctmd
Since DES Introduction, Cardiovascular Medicare Costs DownOctober 15, 2008tctmd
ZEST-AMI: 12-Month MACE Similar Between Different DES in STEMIOctober 15, 2008tctmd
DES, CABG Comparable for Death, MI in Left Main DiseaseOctober 14, 2008tctmd
FAME: One-Year ResultsOctober 14, 2008TCT Daily Staff
SYNTAX: Stenting vs. Surgery in Left Main and Triple Vessel DiseaseOctober 14, 2008tctmd