Solutions to TCTMD’s 2022 Cardiology Crossword Challenge

If a few missing clues were keeping you up at night, start plumping your pillow.

Solutions to TCTMD’s 2022 Cardiology Crossword Challenge

Thank you to everyone who spent some of the last days of 2022 trying to crack what proved to be a very tricky puzzle! We are reaching out to the prizewinning entries for this year’s Cardiology Crossword Challenge and will also be rewarding a few of the brave souls who kept the conversation alive on Twitter with Platinum memberships on TCTMD.

As you’ve hopefully noticed, we’ve actually been rolling out the solutions in batches, based on subspecialty, recapping the top news according to topic: General Cardiology & Prevention, Coronary, Structural, Endovascular, Heart Failure, Heart Rhythm, and Policy & Practice.

Thanks for playing along. If you have any comments/complaints on this year’s puzzle, let us know

Crossword Solution


1. Sows new hope for end-stage HF?

6. No better than watch and wait in CS

8. Overturned with 32 Down, roiling cardio-obstetrics

9. Rare but real, esp. for males age 18-29 yrs (3,11)

15. Big heart hoax of pandemic's 2nd yr (7,3)

17. The new not quite normal

20. Once weekly jab may make obesity SURMOUNTable

21. Key diagnostic, planning tool in AR

22. Option FDA grants Watchman FLX

23. Best biomarker for chest pain eval.

24. Rapid uptitration pays off in acute HF

25. Big backfire for rivaroxaban in rheumatic HD

27. AI data essentials

30. 5 Down competitor greenlit by FDA

31. Trial makes good on HFpEF promise?

33. Injectable class of 41 Across

34. TAVI or surgery

35. Seven simply doesn't cut it in 2022, says AHA (9,5)

38. Plays key role in cutting symptom-to-balloon time

41. May herald sea change for Lp(a)? (5,1,4)

43. Trial a bright spot for PE?

44. New combo subspec. gets new ESC guidance

46. A wake-up call, first for TAVI, now TEER? (9,8)

48. Cuts lead-related complications (4,3)

51. Verily, he of 40 Down (6,6)

52. Akin to Kawasaki, after SARS-CoV-2 in kids

53. It's too high in 20 Across

54. 2022's variola, but myocarditis rare (6,3)

56. PAD subtype alleviated in 49 Down

57. Rare clot risk with adenovirus-based COVID jab

59. Many went 'missing' during COVID-19 lockdowns

60. With 26 Down, contender in long-running LM debate

61. Abandoned drug class candidate comes up ROSEs

65. David of first attempt for 1 Across

66. Promising new target for anticoagulation



1. Brand name DOAC may help with radial artery occlusion

2. Perc of a big birthday? (4,5,6)

3. Some saw spin, some success in Sentinel showdown (9,4)

4. USPSTF says not to use in prim. prev.

5. Novel cardiac myosin inhibitor helps the large-hearted

7. Disease target for 5 Down

10. Of morbidly diseased organs or plaque-filled arteries

11. So far, it's a death match for famed NHLBI trial (8,6)

12. More AEDs, ablation; less ICDs since ESC's 2015 ed. (2,3,9)

13. Fellow supports tighter BP control in pregnancy?

14. Noninvasive functional/anatomical test

16. 1st approved SGLT2i for HFpEF

18. May yield better long-term survival than bioprosthetic AVR

19. Scrambled vacation correspondence sees RAPID effect on SVT?

26. With 60 Across, contender in long-running LM debate

28. 5-yr data should have an IN.PACT

29. FDA plans ban as industry makes a mint?

32. Overturned with 8 Across, roiling cardio-obstetrics

36. How to cure gut worms that have COVID

37. Option might outpace BiV CRT

39. Animal, vegetable, placebo? (7,3)

40. Cardiologist returns to top FDA spot?

42. Part of a circle that meets to standardize definitions?

45. Pricey therapy faced rocky rollout after late 2021 approval

47. Trial locks down polypill in secondary prevention?

48. Peak trial comparing mitral repair vs replacement

49. In long-awaited PAD trial, surgery not worst

50. In short supply for much of 2022

51. STICH, refreshed, no prize for PCI?

55. New SCAI guidelines fill a hole?

58. Got new guidelines after 12 years of watchful waiting

62. Repletion might help in HF

63. Alternativ. to 37 Down

64. Fracture might help, but might harm


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