TCTMD’s 2023 Cardiology Crossword Challenge

Welcome to cardiology’s most fun and socially acceptable forum for proving you paid attention to the top news of 2023! Submit your crossword answers, whether you’ve answered all questions or not, and you’ll be entered in a draw for a TCTMD platinum membership or free registration for TCT 2024. Perfect scores get an extra entry in the draw. BONUS: If you tweet a link to the crossword, tagging your friends with the hashtag #CardioXword, and also submit your own answers, we’ll give you an additional entry into this year’s prizes.

< < < Entries to the contest closed December 31, 2023 > > >


To be eligible, you must send a screenshot or PDF of the completed crossword (or as much of it as possible) along with your name and contact information here. (Do not use the “SUBMIT” button on the crossword itself)


·       In clues, numbers in brackets indicate the number of letters in the answer. So, if the answer is “ISCHEMIA,” the clue will indicate (8). An answer with two separate words will include a comma, as in (5,4) for “HEARTTEAM.” A hyphenated word or trial name like “POTTER-AF” will show the hyphen between the numerals (6-2): do not use the hyphen or comma in the puzzle.

·       All answers relate to top cardiology news of 2023 (or general cardiology knowledge) and can be found with minimal searching on TCTMD.

Questions? Ask

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