BioTrace Medical Tempo Lead

TAVR experts discuss their use of the Tempo Lead to avoid complications, reduce costs, and ease ICU capacity constraints.


  • Tempo Lead Overview, Case Examples, and Clinical Study Results
  • Management of Post-TAVR Conduction Disturbances with the Tempo Lead
  • Tempo Lead Post-Procedure Ambulation
  • Cost-Effectiveness of the Tempo Lead
  • Getting Started with the Tempo Lead




Tamim Nazif  

Tamim M. Nazif, MD
Columbia University Medical Center



Stanley Chetcuti  

Stanley J. Chetcuti, MD
University of Michigan
Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Philippe Géneréux, MD   Philippe Géneréux, MD
Morristown Medical Center

George Hanzel, MD   George Hanzel, MD
Emory Heart & Vascular Center





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