Email Help Page

TCTMD distributes email notices in two versions, plain text and HTML. Be aware that some email programs are unable to handle HTML emails. When an HTML email is viewed within a non HTML compatible email program, it will appear garbled, with angle brackets and html tags.

If you are unable to view our HTML email notices properly, you should switch to our plain text version. Plain text emails differ from HTML emails in that they are unable to display images, and are generally less pleasing to look at. You will probably prefer our HTML version if you are using an HTML compatible email program such as Microsoft Outlook, or an Internet email provider (such as Yahoo or Hotmail). Plain Text is recommended if you use Eudora Light, Eudora Pro 3 and below, Lotus Notes versions below R5 or AOL 5.0 and under.

Email Filter Issues

Are you subscribed to our enewsletter but not receiving it? Many ISPs filter e-mail to keep spam out of your Inbox. As a result, they occasionally filter out e-mail that you want to receive. To ensure delivery of our newsletter(s), you may want to add us to your email service provider or email software "Allowed Sender" or "Whitelist".

AOL: Place the domain – – in your Address Book. AOL v.9.0 users: Be sure to add to your buddy list or address book.

EarthLink: To avoid having our newsletter(s) blocked by EarthLink's spamBlocker, add to your Allowed Sender List.

Yahoo!: If our newsletter gets filtered into your [bulk] folder, open the message and click on the [Not Spam] button above the header information. Then follow the steps to confirm that future messages from us will be delivered to your Inbox.

Hotmail: Click the [Options] link next to the main menu tabs. Under [Mail Handling] select Safe List. Enter the domain – – and click to [Add] it to the list. e-Mail Spam Filter Software: Enter the domain – – on the filter's whitelist. Check the spam filtering software's help information for specific instructions on how to whitelist.

Other Filters: If you find that our newsletter(s) are filtered to a junk folder, add our "from" address ( to your address book or contact list.

If you are still having difficulty receiving our enewsletter after adding us to your Allowed Sender list, it may indicate that it is getting stopped at your company's email server. Instruct your corporate IT department to whitelist and all of its subdomins, and that should take care of the problem.