Breakthrough Cardiac-Telemedicine™ device, now CE-Cleared.

Breakthrough Heart Diagnostic device is CE Cleared, just in time to address Europe’s Pandemic consequences of COVID-19 caused heart conditions.

Europe’s vaunted medical systems strained to breaking point as a result of COVID-19, are now faced with a double jeopardy: first, re-initializing how they deliver primary care services; and second, how to deal with the legacy of COVID-19 induced heart disease. Whatever the strategy, telemedicine will play a central role in ensuring access to basic medical services.

Telemedicine is the future of patient visits to the doctor, especially as it helps maintain social distancing safety guidelines. This will be critical in the face of the feared second-wave of COVID-19. Healthcare systems, slow to move to telemedicine before the pandemic, have dropped all pretence of caution as social distancing through telemedicine makes healthcare workers safer, without being any less effective for the patient.

With the immediate threat of COVID-19 mitigated, the pandemic legacy of COVID-19 induced heart disease will ravage symptomatic COVID-19 patients leading to increased heart disease related morbidity, and this for years to come. As if not enough, many COVID-19 asymptomatic and mild-symptomatic, patients could have also been exposed to its legacy of heart disease, which could yet manifest itself in a widespread epidemic of COVID-19 induced heart disease.

As telemedicine becomes the new front-line of Primary Care, so Telemedicine Primary Care is the new front-line of heartcare, for all Europeans.

Post-Pandemic Cardiac-Telemedicine™.

The divide between Primary Care and Cardiology Care, the next level of care, was always a major unmet medical need, tolerated only because of a lack of an effective, easy to use, medical device that could help bridge the gap. At 44%, the traditional ECG/EKG devices were simply never sufficiently effective pre-pandemic, and will be virtually useless in a post-pandemic telemedicine environment.

Effective Cardiac-Telemedicine™ has two main conditions: First, it must support Telemedicine, allowing the physician to easily access a patients heart diagnostic test online, and understand it; and, second, it has to be highly effective, providing comprehensive diagnostic information on the patient’s condition, far beyond that of the traditional pre-Pandemic ECG/EKG devices.  

The strategy for Europe is really simple. First, an effective Cardiac-Telemedicine™ device able to detect 95% of all common heart diseases, by prevalence. Second, it must be able to be administered by a medical assistant. Lastly, it must support Primary Care telemedicine access.

Cardio-HART™ (a.k.a. “CHART”) is Cardiac-Telemedicine™.

Known under the acronym of CHART, short for Cardio-HART™, the newly CE cleared system combines a device for capturing heart physiological bio-signals and a cloud-based AI-Powered diagnostic engine. Together, they can respect social-distancing, whilst ensuring heart diagnostic effectiveness for cardiac telemedicine.

CHART is Cardiac-Telemedicine™ at its best, transforming Primary care into the new front line of heart care.

CHART goes beyond the 44% limitations of traditional ECG/EKG... complementing and augmenting its capabilities, able to detect and diagnose up to 95% of all common heart diseases, by prevalence typically found in Primary Care situations.

CHART can detect cardiac conditions normally diagnosed only by a cardiologist using echocardiography including: left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), aortic stenosis (AS), pulmonary hypertrophy (PH), in total, 14 important results ECHO and 37 ECG results, including myocardial infarction (MI) and aortic enlargement (AE) to name just a few. Previously this was not possible in primary and ambulatory care, much less through telemedicine. Detected in Primary Care, they help the telemedicine GP, identify patients that need to be referred to the cardiologist for confirmation as these are serious heart diseases that sadly, will likely be more prevalent, a legacy of COVID-19. CHART does not replace the cardiologists, it only makes the Telemedicine GP more effective.

Detected early and monitored often, Cardiac-Telemedicine™ can ensure that the morbidity associated with the pandemic induced heart disease is first identified, then easily followed-up, well into the patient’s future. Detection is the first step in treatment.

In view of the difficult situation in the world with regards to COVID-19, there has been a great delay in cardiovascular medical care. CHART will help ensure that affected patients are not be left behind, forgotten, and neglected in the shadow of COVID-19, or its second wave.

It is a cost-efficient technology, so it has the great potential to be available to the most vulnerable with underlying heart conditions, socioeconomically challenged groups, and rural communities providing best-in-class cardiovascular care.

In a resent clinical study, conducted on over 500 patients, GP’s increased their diagnostic effectiveness by some 250% over the most advanced traditional ECG/EKG systems. This resulted in a 24% reduction in FN and a 14% reduction of FP. These are numbers that GP’s in Telemedicine need, to fight the legacy of COVID-19 induced heart disease, and reduce the burden on a re-building healthcare system.   

COVID-19’s dreaded 2nd wave.

And with a much dreaded second imminent wave of COVID-19, heart disease needs to be detected earlier and faster to help mitigate the long-term morbidity potential and ongoing healthcare system costs that could threaten to undermine the effectiveness and access of Europe’s health-care systems. 

CHART is Europe’s CE answer, CE cleared just in time to enter the fight. The time for Europe to prepare for that fight is now.   


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