TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for July 2020

Heart damage in COVID-19, MIS-C in adults, perennial hot topics in interventional cardiology, and our Daily Dispatch dominate.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for July 2020

In what I can only hope is a reassuring sign, the number of top 10 stories not related to COVID-19 ticked slightly higher this month, although the top three spots still went to the pandemic. Todd Neale’s COVID-19 Daily Dispatch held on to second place again in July, following a controversial paper using cardiac MR to track cardiac damage that was called out on Twitter for apparent errors. Non-COVID-19-related stories include a study that supports dropping aspirin early on in stable CAD and ACS, a valve-in-valve analysis presented at the virtual EuroPCR meeting, and an updated meta-analysis addressing complete versus culprit-only PCI in STEMI.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for July 20201. Signs of Cardiac Damage Even in Younger, Nonhospitalized COVID-19 Patients

A series of middle-aged patients followed more than 2 months after diagnosis showed that most had abnormal results on CMR.

2. COVID-19: TCTMD’s Daily Dispatch

*Bookmark it! We’re curating a list of COVID-19 research and other useful content, and updating it daily.

3. COVID-19’s Kawasaki-Like MIS-C Diagnosis Is Cropping Up in Adults

Three case reports describe adults whose symptoms, including conjunctivitis and rashes, echo the rare pediatric presentation.

4. Short DAPT Reduces Bleeding With No Increase in MACE: Meta-analysis

Despite promising results from studies like TWILIGHT, physicians have been reluctant to drop aspirin early, experts say.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for July 20205. Don’t Mistake Microthrombi for Myocarditis in COVID-19 STEMI, Case Report Warns

Add image from story, left justified Autopsy analysis shows that myocarditis isn’t the only cause of MI in the absence of occlusive disease.

6. ViV TAVR: New Durability and BASILICA Data Stress Need to Plan Ahead

Large initial valves and careful patient selection are key to long-term success for patients who need second aortic procedures.

7. Complete Revascularization May Top Culprit-Only PCI Across ACS Types

A meta-analysis bolsters multivessel PCI in STEMI, while a registry study suggests the benefits extend to NSTE ACS as well.

8. Heart, Kidneys, Brain, and More: COVID-19’s Wide-ranging Effects

A new review documents the extrapulmonary ramifications of COVID-19, including its heavy effect on the kidneys and heart.

9. Multiorgan Clotting in COVID-19 Hints at Platelets’ Role in Inflammatory Response

Megakaryocytes were seen in all hearts on autopsy in the small study, a rare find that may aid in exposing the virus’ mechanism.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for July 202010. Cardiac Arrests Have Soared Worldwide: How Was COVID-19 to Blame?

Out-of-hospital arrests doubled or tripled in cities with major outbreaks and missing STEMIs, making it tricky to confirm cause.

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TCTMD also featured two in-depth features this month that looked at very different aspects of the pandemic of particular interest to cardiologists.

Walloped by COVID-19, US Cardiology Practices Brace for Slow Recovery

Cardiology groups large and small used different tactics to keep afloat and continue patient care. The future remains unclear.

COVID-19’s Enduring Impact on the Heart? Some Clues and Predictions

Cardiac complications in COVID-19 have thwarted acute care. Now physicians are asking what this portends down the road.


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