The Biggest News of 2020: TCTMD’s Top 10

COVID-19 infected our entire top 10 list this year, speaking to the need among readers to learn as much as they could, and quickly.

The Biggest News of 2020: TCTMD’s Top 10

No big surprise: our top 10 stories for 2020 were all related to COVID-19. The range of topics speaks to the need among our readers to discover as much as possible about how the virus was directly affecting the heart or, as was the case for story #1, causing unexpected consequences. Our fourth most popular “story” for the year was actually one we updated continuously: the COVID-19 Daily Dispatch. It launched back in March and ultimately spanned 10 URLs, one for every month. Links to Dispatch content for times gone by can be found at the foot of each month.

1. The Mystery of the Missing STEMIs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fear of infection is likely the biggest driver, but as other theories circulate, cardiologists are bracing for the fallout.

2. COVID-19 and the Heart: Insights From the Front Lines

As COVID-19 cases go global, a picture is emerging as to its CV impact and how cardiologists in hard-hit regions are coping.

3. German COVID-19 Autopsy Data Show Thromboembolism, ‘Heavy’ Lungs

The data support the idea that some patients may need anticoagulation to prevent pulmonary embolism.

COVID-19 Daily Dispatch4. COVID-19: TCTMD’s Daily Dispatch

Every weekday since March 23, 2020, we’ve been summing up the top research and policy news on COVID-19. Here, we link to the current month’s Dispatch. Find all of TCTMD’s past Dispatches here.

5. Cardiology After COVID-19: Physicians Predict Lasting Change

A new era for telemedicine, rebuilding patient trust, and an increase in efficiency of care were common themes.

6. COVID-19 Poised to Upend the Cath Lab, ACC and SCAI Say

Be prepared, experts urge. Much is still unknown about how the novel coronavirus will affect day-to-day and emergency CVD care.

Top 107. ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, and COVID-19: New Insights, Advice

Experts stress there is not enough evidence to suggest these medications can worsen COVID-19 morbidity and mortality.

8. How COVID-19 Promotes Thrombosis, Posing Problems for Drug-Drug Interactions

A new review explores the higher risk of thrombotic disease with this coronavirus, how to prevent and treat it, plus research gaps.

9. Obesity’s Role in COVID-19 Deaths: Big Food, Slow Government to Blame?

A BMJ editorial notes obesity is a modifiable risk factor for COVID-19, calling for reformulation of processed foods and a ban on ads.

10. Hopes High for Anti-inflammatories to Combat COVID-19 Immune System Storms

How the immune response tips so radically off-balance is unclear, but research, some drawing on recent CVD trials, ploughs on.

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Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 may have been the most-searched term of 2020, but cardiology stories still had their day in the sun. Our top five “non-COVID” stories of the year were:

Coconut Oil 1. Coconut Oil Ups LDL Cholesterol Compared With Other Fats: Meta-analysis

Despite popular belief, coconut oil has no anti-inflammatory or glycemic benefits, leading experts to discourage its consumption.

2. More Risk of Death—All, Cardiac, and Noncardiac—With PCI Over Surgery: Meta-analysis

All-cause mortality is the most “unbiased” primary endpoint, the authors argue. David Kandzari calls this an oversimplification.

3. Olive Oil Consumption Linked to CVD Benefits in the US

Americans tend to consume far less olive oil than their Mediterranean counterparts, but beneficial signals are still seen.

4. TAVR Tussle at US Surgery Meeting Threatens to Widen Surgeon-Cardiologist Wedge

Physicians had a range of reactions to TAVR trial criticisms, but Society of Thoracic Surgeons leaders say they stand for balanced discourse.

5. Fish Oil Tanks in STRENGTH, Making Waves for REDUCE-IT

Steven Nissen argues REDUCE-IT gave a “false-positive” result. But Deepak Bhatt, that study's PI, calls the assertion “ridiculous.”

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