The Biggest News of 2017: TCTMD’s Top 10

The most-read news on TCTMD this year included some surprises as well as some more easily predicted contenders.

The Biggest News of 2017: TCTMD’s Top 10

The most-read stories on TCTMD this year included some surprises—among them the utility of supplemental oxygen during suspected MI and the disparate timing of hypertension onset according to race and sex. More easily predicted contenders include the COMPASS trial of rivaroxaban in ACS, Absorb’s risks and subsequent market withdrawal, the much-discussed ORBITA trial, and the setbacks faced by the Lotus valve.

Supplemental Oxygen Provides No Benefit to Patients With Suspected MI: DETO2X-AMI

Don’t waste time with oxygen. Focus instead on getting patients to the cath lab as quickly as possible, says one expert.

FDA Warns of Risk of Major Adverse Cardiac Events With Absorb BVS

On the same day that ABSORB III 2-year data were being presented at ACC 2017, the agency raised concerns.

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Rivaroxaban’s ‘Overwhelming’ Efficacy for Coronary, Peripheral Disease Leads to Early Halt of COMPASS

Full results for the trial were already slated to be released at an upcoming meeting, but the “magnitude of the effect” warranted an announcement, the sponsor said.

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ORBITA: PCI Offers No Symptom Improvement Over Sham Procedure

The intriguing study, which hints at a placebo effect of PCI, left physicians debating the merits of revascularization in stable coronary artery disease.

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The Biggest News of 2017: TCTMD’s Top 10 Sex, Race Disparities in High Blood Pressure Begin to Emerge Early in Life

African-Americans and males have a greater risk of transitioning from ideal to elevated blood pressure in childhood and early adulthood.

Boston Scientific Recalls All Lotus Valves, Including Lotus With Depth Guard

The issue is related to the device’s locking mechanism, and is similar to the problem that plagued the next-generation Lotus Edge device in 2016.

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TOPIC: Replacing P2Y12 Inhibitors With Clopidogrel 1 Month After PCI Saves Money, Prevents Bleeding in ACS

The single-center study has economic and clinical implications for a strategy already in use in some parts of the world.

DECISION-CTO: PCI Stumbles for Stable CAD Patients With Chronic Total Occlusions

In a blow to interventionalists, the results did not show a benefit of the procedure over medical therapy alone. But hope remains.

The Biggest News of 2017: TCTMD’s Top 10 CHANGE DAPT: Study Contests Benefit of Ticagrelor Over Clopidogrel After PCI in ACS

The study is a “piece in a mosaic,” one researcher says, and comes after a number of other analyses challenged ticagrelor’s supremacy.

CULPRIT-SHOCK Disputes Benefit of Immediate Multivessel PCI in Patients With Cardiogenic Shock

The results, which run counter to current guidelines and appropriate use criteria, will change practice, several experts agree.

Beyond the Breaking News

Outside of the daily news, several feature stories and blog posts also proved popular in 2017. These include:

Conference Organizers, Physicians Wary as Direct Industry Sponsorship Winds Down in Europe

How Low Can You Go? Concerns Over Aggressive LDL Lowering Eased as PCSK9 Evidence Mounts

My Takeaways From ACC 2017: Even With a Sea Change, the Tide Takes Its Time

Living or Leaving: Does Palliative Care Deserve a Place at the TAVR Table?

The Numbers Game: Door-to-Balloon or First Medical Contact? STEMI Care Still Needs Work Nationwide

Trump’s Immigration Order Quickly Hits Home for Some Foreign-Born Physicians

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