TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for August 2021

Rare COVID-19 vaccine side effects and hot trials from the ESC 2021 Congress dominated our most popular stories this month.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for August 2021

The top stories on TCTMD this month were an even split between COVID-19 content and Hot Line news from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2021. All of TCTMD’s coverage from this year’s ESC meeting can be found on our conference page, along with video interviews led by our senior clinical editor, Mamas Mamas, BMBCh, DPhil.

1. TCTMD’s COVID-19 Dispatch

We update our COVID-19 Dispatch with the top research and health policy news, as well as media highlights, three times per week.

2. Myocarditis, Pericarditis Rare After COVID-19 Vaccination: EMR Data

The incidence is slightly higher than previously reported by the CDC, but investigators say the risks remain extremely small.

MRI of Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Yields New Theories, Questions3. MRI of Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Yields New Theories, Questions

Most cases were short-lived and benign, but early evidence of LGE warrants following for potential myocardial scarring.

4. Statins Positively Alter Coronary Plaque Composition

With statins, there is a shift toward denser, more-calcified plaque on CT, as well as less fibro-fatty and low-attenuation plaque.

5. EMPEROR-Preserved: Empagliflozin Improves Outcomes in HFpEF

It’s “a big day for patients living with HFpEF, a big day for heart failure clinicians,” observed Shelley Zieroth.

6. FFR During Angiogram Not Beneficial in Chest Pain Patients: RIPCORD 2

During the diagnostic angiogram, a physiologic assessment of all epicardial vessels was cost neutral but didn’t improve QoL.

Largest Study of VITT After COVID-19 Vaccination Digs Into Lab, Clinical Features 7. Largest Study of VITT After COVID-19 Vaccination Digs Into Lab, Clinical Features

This complication is “quite rare but potentially catastrophic,” Chip Lavie says. Early diagnosis and aggressive treatment are needed.

8. ESC 2021: Trials, Guidelines, and Channel Surfing at This Year’s Virtual Congress

Empagliflozin in HFpEF, finerenone in diabetic kidney disease, a new LAA occluder, DOACs in TAVI, valve guidance, and more.

9. Massive SSaSS Study Shows Switch to Salt Substitute Cuts Stroke, CVD

Investigators say the low-cost, easy-to-implement strategy could prevent up to 1 million major CVD events in China each year.

10. MASTER DAPT: One Month's Enough in Patients at High Bleeding Risk

In an all-comers HBR group, 1-month DAPT was noninferior to 3 months or longer, at least with the bioresorbable stent used here.


FEATURE Expired Cardiac Devices May Do Global Good, but Safety Unknown

A discussion of the ethics of using expired technology in parts of the world with no other options is long past due, some say.

OPINION Conversations in Cardiology: Music in the Cath Lab?

Morton Kern, MD, asks: who’s playing tunes these days during cases and, if so, who gets to choose the playlist?

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