TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for December 2017

The list this month is one of the widest-ranging collections of the year, touching on coronary disease, valves, multiple sclerosis, and DVT.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for December 2017

In what might be the widest-ranging list of this year’s top news, the most-read stories for the month of December 2017 ranged from new stents to diabetes remission, a no-go for a drug-device combo in deep vein thrombosis, and the failure of “liberation therapy” in multiple sclerosis.

ACC Provides Guidance on How to Manage Bleeding in Patients Taking Oral Anticoagulants

The guidance, covering all drug indications, complements a prior document on periprocedural management of anticoagulation.

FDA Approves EluNIR Drug-Eluting Stent

The device, which has the narrowest strut width of any stent on the market, was approved on the basis of the nearly 2,000-patient BIONICS study.

Dreams Dashed: Intravascular Therapy for MS Flops in Sham-Controlled Trial

The pioneer for the controversial technique who led the Brave Dreams trial now says “liberation therapy” is ineffective and warrants no further study.

Discrepant FFR and iFR Results May Signal Low MACE Risk in Deferred Lesions

Performing one physiologic assessment or the other seems to be more important than whether FFR or iFR is chosen, Allen Jeremias says.

Diabetes Remission Possible With Significant Weight Loss: DiRECT

The dose-response effect seen with strict dietary intervention—allowing just 850 kcal/day—supports the link between diabetes and body fat.

PCI Comparable to CABG in Left Main Coronary Disease: Meta-analysis

The study reaffirms what was observed in the large EXCEL trial, suggesting PCI is an acceptable option in left main disease, say researchers.

New-Generation TAVR Devices Outperform Predecessors in Treating Pure Native AR: Registry

Procedural outcomes are better with more recent valve models, with moderate or worse postprocedural AR linked to higher mortality.

STEMI Patients With Multivessel Disease Best Served by a Single, Complete Procedure: Meta-analysis

Multivessel PCI is linked to less death and MI when done all at once, but not when done in a staged fashion.

Trajectory Unknown: How ORBITA Lands in Clinical Practice Still Up for Debate

Reactions to ORBITA ranged from a lone call to downgrade PCI in stable patients to declarations that the provocative trial will have zero impact.

Attacking DVT With Drug-Device Combo Does Not Reduce Postthrombotic Syndrome

The ATTRACT trial failed to meet its primary endpoint, but there may remain a role for the approach in some patients.

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