TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for January 2017

Physician picks for the biggest news of 2016 and an in-depth look at rapid response teams to treat pulmonary embolism took top spots this month.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for January 2017

Embarking on 2017, the biggest news of January in fact came from 2016: TCTMD’s roundup of physician picks for the biggest news of last year. Other hits this month were a feature article on rapid-response teams for acute pulmonary embolism and, as part of a series we did on New Year’s resolutions, a detailed look at how alcohol affects the heart. We also saw interest in a slew of familiar topics: US Food and Drug Administration news, complete revascularization, radiation safety, acute kidney injury, and stroke in TAVR patients, among others.

Year in Review: Physicians Pick the Biggest News of 2016, in Interventional Cardiology and Beyond

TCTMD journalists asked a range of experts about what developments moved the needle this past year—either forwards or back.

Coalition of the Willing: PERTs Aim to Disentangle ‘Gordian Knot’ of Acute Pulmonary Embolism

The concept of a rapid response team for acute PE has spread quickly across the United States, although the impact remains unclear.

Registry Hints Staged Intervention Reduces Mortality in STEMI Patients With Multivessel CAD, but Controversy Remains

A Canadian data set sheds light on potential differences in treatment considerations for certain patient subgroups.

Robert Califf Leaving Post as FDA Commissioner

Califf left on January 20, the day of incoming President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Radiation Risks for Radial Operators Can Be Cut With Cheap, Effective Pelvic Drapes

A pelvic drape, whether alone or combined with an arm drape, is most effective. But meaningful drops in radiation require a “culture” shift.

FDA’s Latest Move Against Aspirin for CVD Primary Prevention: A Picture Is Worth 11 Words

Want a pretty picture on your aspirin product packaging? You’ll also need a bold written reminder telling buyers to consult their doctors.

Aspirate Contrast to Limit Acute Kidney Injury in Select Coronary Angiography Cases: Maybe, Maybe Not

Small, nonrandomized study of coronary sinus aspiration shows feasibility, but some question if this invasive approach is the best option.

Be It Resolved: How Alcohol Harms or Helps the Heart Remains Controversial—and Confusing

This was the first in a 4-part series of January 2017 stories looking at common New Year’s resolutions and their cardiac implications.

LAA Thrombus Explored as Potential Cause of Stroke After TAVR

The in-hospital stroke rate was higher in patients with LAA thrombus, but a low number of events precludes definitive conclusions.

Interrupting Anticoagulation? New Guidance Aims to Simplify Periprocedural Decision-Making

Stop, pause, or bridge: there is a lot of variability in how drug therapy for nonvalvular A-fib is managed during elective or urgent procedures.

Two other widely read stories this month were actually posted back in October during TCT 2016: late-breaking results from the EXCEL and NOBLE trials as well as from ABSORB II. To stay up to date with all our news stories and in-depth features as they go online, visit TCTMD’s News page.

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