TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for March 2021

Conspicuous in our most-popular list is what’s missing: COVID-19 news. Still, our Daily Dispatch stayed in the top three.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for March 2021

Conspicuous in our top 10 stories this month is what’s missing: COVID-19. Without a doubt the volume of news stories we’re publishing that’s related directly to the pandemic has declined, but that dip seems to have been matched by a dwindling interest in reading them. Our COVID-19 Dispatch, which succinctly sums up key research and policy news, held onto its position in the top three. It joins two feature articles loosely linked by a shared theme: calls to make cardiology more hospitable for female physicians. Rounding out the list are wide range of stories looking at CT advice, inclisiran for lipid-lowering, 2-year PARTNER 3 results, 5-year patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure data, a study looking for signs of CAD upcoding, and an in-depth feature on artificial intelligence (AI) in cardiology.

$45 million1. FEATURE $45 Million OHSU Lawsuit Hits a Nerve for #CardiologyToo

Sexual harassment policies don’t always work to plan, as this explosive case makes clear. When hospitals don’t listen, who will?

2. FEATURE Crude Awakening: Should Interventional Cardiology Come Clean on Dirty Talk?

Off-color slang and sexualized terms were more common in the past. Cardiologists say there’s no place for them today.

3. COVID-19: TCTMD’s Daily Dispatch

We’re curating a list of COVID-19 research and other useful content, and updating it daily.

4. Experts Fear Coronary CT Advice for Patients Misses the Mark

An article aimed at the lay public contains misinformation and errors, and it may mislead patients, prominent cardiologists say.

AI in cardiology5. FEATURE AI in Cardiology: Where We Are Now and Where to Go Next

From imaging to risk assessment, AI-based tech may free up time for doctoring while improving patient care, but hurdles remain.

6. Big Drops in LDL Cholesterol With Inclisiran, but US Clinicians Still Await Drug’s Approval

Inclisiran reduced LDL levels by more than 50%, and physicians hope the drug is not only approved but also not priced too high.

7. PFO Closure for Stroke Is Safe, Effective at 5 Years: REDUCE

An uptick in atrial fibrillation with PFO closure warrants further study and risk prediction. An upcoming patient-level meta-analysis should help.

8. ‘Gaming’ the AUC for Revascularization? Study Suggests Not

PCIs for acute MI increased, but there was no uptick for unstable angina, an indication with considerable latitude for upcoding.

9. FDA Approves Harmony TPV for Pulmonary-Valve Regurgitation in Congenital HD

The approval comes following the release of pivotal trial data first reported at the virtual SCAI 2020 meeting.

published10. Published 2-Year Partner 3 Data Shed New Light on TAVI, SAVR Choice in Low-risk Patients

Martin Leon cautions against “overinterpreting” the numbers, since the full low-risk TAVI story will take years to complete.


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