TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for June 2017

FDA clearance of a TAVR cerebral protection device, the CANTOS trial, new BRS, off-label catheter use, and top TVT news made this month’s list.

TCTMD’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories for June 2017

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s decision to clear the first TAVR cerebral protection device was the most popular news story on TCTMD this month, followed by top-line results from the CANTOS trial of canakinumab and a feature story on next-generation bioresorbable scaffolds. Rounding out the list are an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) recall, top news from TVT 2017, an investigation into off-label use of guide catheters in acute stroke interventions, plus some takeaways from EuroPCR 2017.

FDA Clears Sentinel Cerebral Protection Device for Use During TAVR

The filter device became the first of its kind cleared for use in the United States during transcatheter aortic valve procedures.

CANTOS: Canakinumab Cuts Combo of MI, Stroke, CV Death in Post-MI Patients With Elevated CRP

Top-line trial results, to be presented in full this summer, represent the first hard proof of the inflammation hypothesis of atherosclerosis.

Seven Next-Generation Bioresorbable Scaffolds Show Promise but Face Major Hurdles

A special EuroPCR session showcased up-and-coming devices, but experts gathered there urged caution, saying the field may need to take a step back.

My Takeaways From EuroPCR 2017: Everything Perfect, Until It’s Not

No apple carts were overturned at this year’s congress, but amid the politesse of Paris, little letdowns and upsets carry no small amount of satisfaction.

Recall Underway for Certain IABPs Due to Potential Electrical Test Failure

The action, termed a “field correction” since affected units will be repaired on-site, follows at least one patient death.

Q&A: Transcatheter Valve Innovation Past, Present, and Future as TVT Turns 10

TCTMD asked course director Martin Leon for his thoughts on the hot button topics in transcatheter valves leading up to the meeting.

DANAMI3-DEFER Substudy Affirms Lack of Benefit for Routinely Deferring Stenting in STEMI

It is possible certain patients could benefit from the strategy, but one expert says that has to be proven in future trials.

Catheter Kerfuffle: How Concerning Is Off-Label Use in Stroke Interventions?

The FDA sent a reminder to doctors clarifying that not all catheters are cleared for aspiration. But experts say comfort and safety should be considered.

Lagging Behind: Guidelines Can’t Keep Up With Growing TAVR Evidence Base

Should the ACC/AHA adopt “rapid recommendations” to keep up with the accumulating evidence? One expert says it’s worth considering.

Reacting to REPRISE III: Enthusiasm, Explanations, and Caveats for the Lotus Pivotal TAVR Trial

On the whole, experts believe REPRISE III carves out a role for the repositionable Lotus valve, even if few wanted to publicly pick a favorite.

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